Skymoon & Skymoon Win


Take a look at Skymoon's screen display.

Take a look at Skymoon Win's screen display.

Some features of Skymoon:

Quick & clear on-screen graphical view of all pertinent moon data.
All data is updated in "real time".
Current apogee/perigee, frequency doppler shift, & moon phase are shown.
Alternate display shows sun, moon, & popular sky noise sources positioned against the classic skynoise background map.
EME Directory is included, and is easily accessable while Skymoon is running.
User can select any distant location as the other station's QTH by inputting grid, lat/lon, cursor position, or any EME Directory call.
Time/Date can be munipulated quickly & easily for planning future schedules.
Calculator is included to compute Grid - Lat/Lon conversion, estimate local time at distant locations, and show azimuth & distance to other QTH's.
Sequence alarm timer keeps you on the right sequence throughout a schedule.
Schedule log lets you input future schedules, then alerts you when the sked time arrives.
Complete station logging and log management capability is a part of Skymoon. Lets you do your logging while Skymoon is running.
Many more features, in addition to the above, are included.

Skymoon Win has many additional features, and retains all of Skymoon's capability except for logging and alarm setting.

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